Sports Betting Analysis

Olorunshola Tiwatope
5 min readMay 19, 2023


Hey there! Have you ever noticed how people love to dance along with life’s ups and downs? Well, throughout history, clever folks have come up with all sorts of bold plans to make money. But one method that’s really popular nowadays is sports betting. It’s like a captivating game where people mix hope and strategy on a big stage of luck. It attracts both risk-takers and careful thinkers who want to experience the excitement of winning big bucks.

Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome — Wikipedia.

I did an analysis to study sports betting

Data Sourcing

In a vibrant Nigerian university, a fascinating study delved into the world of betting. To understand its impact on student’s lives, a survey was conducted using Google Forms. This university was chosen due to its youthful population, ensuring diverse perspectives. Questions covered gender, age, department, level, sports preferences, and how they entered the world of betting. Interestingly, the data was analyzed using Power BI, a powerful tool. Surprisingly, 64 participants cautiously shared their experiences, fearing misuse of their information. After careful examination, four responses were deemed irrelevant, leaving behind valuable insights. This exploration sheds light on a captivating topic affecting mental health and family dynamics, offering an accessible glimpse into a fascinating aspect of modern life.

Data Cleaning

The data underwent a series of changes through the powerful hands of Power Query. It embarked on a thrilling journey, with a series of transformative adventures to ensure its utmost usability. Headers were elegantly promoted to their rightful place, while data types gracefully morphed to fit the grand design. In a daring act, the input data was courageously replaced, breathing new life into the dataset. Column names danced to a harmonious tune of change, embracing their true essence. Some columns bid farewell, sacrificed for the greater good, while others joined forces in a mesmerizing merger, weaving a tapestry of insights and revelations.

Some of The Transformations Applied


As usual, after I closed and applied the transformations. I created Measures to better summarize the data.

I created a measure to get the number of students by age, who participated in the survey

Measure for Age Count

I created a measure to get the number of students who participated

Measure for Number of Participants

I created a measure to get the number of betting platforms used by the participants

Measure for Number of Betting Platforms

Data Visualization

I Stepped into the realm of data exploration! With the magic of the report view, I unlocked a captivating world of visualization, where charts took on a life of their own. They transformed my data into captivating visual stories, revealing intriguing connections and patterns between its various aspects. It was like peering through a window into a vibrant tapestry of insights, where each chart became a guide, leading me to a deeper understanding. Relationships that were once hidden came to life, painting a vivid picture of the data’s secrets. It was a journey that merged clarity and curiosity, making the complex appear beautifully simple.

Click here to view the report.


There were 60 participants. 11 were females, and 49 were males. Participants’ levels ranged from 100 to 400. Participants from 100 level accounted for 25 people, representing 41.67% of the population, higher than the 400 level, which had the lowest number of 4 participants, 6.67% of the total population.

According to the department, Computer Science had the highest number of participants at 22, and seven (7) departments had the lowest number of departments at just one (1).

According to the data, 21 participants were underage within the age group of 15–17. Thirty-nine (39) of the participants were of legal age, which were 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 30.

The betting platform with the highest number of participants is Sporty Bet only, with only 30 participants. Other platforms participants used to place bets are 1XBet, Betking, and Bet9ja, just to mention a few. Football (only) is the sport that had the highest number of participants placing bets. This is due to the popularity of the sport of football. The next sports are basketball and football. Basketball is gaining popularity in Nigeria due to factors such as improved broadcasting.

Participants were asked about the highest amount lost. They lost a total of ₦4,000,400. Males lost ₦3,412,500, 70.6% more than females, who lost ₦587,900. The department that lost the most is Political Science, which was higher than Bookkeeping and Finance (BKF) and BAM, which both lost the least amount of ₦1,000. 200L participants have lost the most, which is ₦1,254,000, while those in 100L have lost the least amount, ₦775,000.

Participants were asked if betting affects their mental health negatively. 27 participants said yes and have lost ₦455,500. 16 participants said maybe and have lost ₦1,377,400 and 17 people said no and have lost the highest amount of ₦2,167,500.

44 participants said they were introduced to betting by their friends. 7 said by betting adverts. 5 said by social media and 4 said by family members.

42 (70%) participants have tried to quit betting. 18(30%) participants said they did not try to stop betting.


To my dear readers, I hope you are now well-informed before you place that bet :-)

See you in the next post :)